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The North West Safety Initiative was established to ensure that adequate financial resources would be available to enable the North West Construction Safety Group, the Merseyside and Cheshire Construction Safety Group and CDM Duty Holders Support Group established under the auspices of the above groups to achieve their aims and objectives without putting individuals at personal financial risk.

The broad principle is to facilitate projects to improve Health & Safety in the Construction Industry by funding schemes that are generally self financing, profit making or to the benefit of safety group members whilst ensuring the viability and continuity of the North West Safety Initiative.


To enhance the standards of Health and Safety in the Construction Industry in the North West.


  1. To hold and control the fund accrued from seminars, workshops and events organised by the said safety groups;
  1. To ensure that adequate monies are made available to the said safety groups to enable them, jointly or individually, to organise projects on Health and Safety Matters for the benefit of their members or the Construction Industry;
  2. To ensure that all monies received or disbursed are accounted for in a proper manner and that books of account are prepared and audited;
  3. To ensure that the necessary financial resources are made available to the safety groups to enable any project approved by the NWSi to be presented to acceptable professional standards.
  1. To act as a catalyst to ensure that the H.S.E. and other governing, regulating, or enforcing bodies are aware of the views of the members on matters affecting health and safety.


  1. The North West Safety Initiative shall be managed by a committee formed of two nominated members from each of the safety groups named in this Constitution and one member of the H.S.E. For the purpose of NWSi business a minimum of 4 of these nominated members shall be a quorum;
  1. From this committee shall be appointed a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer;
  2. The treasurer shall hold a Bank Account in the name of the North West Safety Initiative whereby any two of the committee must be signatories to cheque's. The accounts shall be audited annually by two persons appointed by the committee. All members of the committee shall be signatories to the account;
  3. The committee shall have a full meeting in each calendar year when the treasurer will  present the audited accounts, for acceptance;
  4. The accounts shall be presented to each safety group following acceptance by the committee;
  5. When a request for resources is received, a meeting of the committee shall be convened. At this time a written presentation from the safety group should be submitted for approval;
  6. A quorum (4 persons) of the committee members shall be present to consider the request. If the chairman is not present then a chairman shall be elected for that meeting;
  7. If the request falls within the constitution of the safety groups and the NWSi then approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Any rejection may be subjected to appeal to full committee;
  8. When approval is given by the committee it shall be confirmed in writing and the monies released to the requesting safety group on signature of a receipt;
  9. The committee shall ensure that any project resourced by the NWSi fund is subject to the keeping of auditable accounts of the project by the requesting safety group/s and that any surplus is returned to the NWSi fund within a reasonable period after the event;
  10. All committee members shall have an equal vote on proposals put before them with all decisions decided by a simple majority. The chairman shall have a casting vote;
  11. Should any committee member be guilty of any malpractice detrimental to the North West Safety Initiative or the safety groups, that member shall be asked to resign. If resignation is not forthcoming the Committee may, after reviewing the allegations and voting, dismiss that person;
  12. Should the North West Safety Initiative be discontinued the accrued fund shall return to the safety groups or any other organisation of similar aims and purposes, as agreed by the executors.
  13. Correspondence to the NWSi should be addressed to:-

The Secretary

North West Safety Initiative

c/o John Reilly Civil Engineering Ltd

Millennium House

Euxton Lane

Euxton, Chorley


Reviewed 24th May 2012